I Love My First Hater

Yesterday was a good day. My video for Sabor A Mí hit 10,000 views on Facebook and I love my first hater!

“You need vocal lessons… desperately. Just bad.”

Yes! Good art is polarizing. People have to love the work or hate the work. If they don’t choose sides than the art is average. Average is for losers.

I said, “Thank you so much. Not indifference… but hate… uff! Thank you for feeling something and for commenting.”

He felt challenged. That’s the thing about Facebook, people sometimes read your words wrong.

“No I don’t hate you” he snorted, “You just suck. You can’t sing. I’m trying to help you from wasting time and money.”

Something told me that the hate wasn’t about me. I decided to let it go.

“Some like their coffee with cream and sugar. Others drink it black. Every person has different tastes. I don’t need to impress everyone. Just those that love the way I make coffee. Thank you anyways. Have a great life!”

A few minutes later my phone chimed…. of course I looked.

“What if your friend opens a restaurant and the food is terrible? Isn’t it better to tell him the truth? To let him fail would be unkind. That’s the case with you.”

I thought about it for a moment. He had a point. A true friend would tell me if I had a moco in my nose. A true friend would host an intervention if I was drugged out. A true friend would tell me that my food was terrible. But this hater wasn’t my true friend. He was simply a non-believer.

I’m doing my best work for this project. I sing from my heart and am very specific about my choices. Why else would 10,000 people watch my video? The idea is resonating. To date, 3000 people have shared, liked or said, “Beautiful! Where can I buy this song?”

Good art is polarizing! People should love the work or hate the work. I decided to respond with the truth.

“I’ve had that exact experience. My chef friend went to the edge with his ideas about food. I thought he was crazy and that his restaurant was going to fail. Like a good friend, I told him my feelings. I’m so happy he didn’t listen to me. Now he’s the most well-known chef in our city. His restaurant is famous. Honestly, I still don’t care for the food… but who cares? There are thousands that go crazy for him. I had to learn that important lesson. I will never please everyone and it’s a mistake to try. My work only needs to impress those people that are looking for what I create.”

He was fed up and pushed back hard.

“Well… good luck to you… soon you’re going to know who I am and you’ll remember this conversation. You won’t be able to forget me because I know a lot about these things.”

I clicked on his name and found out that my hater is the president of a major Hispanic marketing firm in Nashville. His company promotes big music concerts. I won’t lie. I felt that tinge in my stomach. The resistance inside yelling “Crap. Now I’ll never play Nashville! I’m stupid!”

Then I remembered that haters gonna hate. This wasn’t about me or my music. I had unwittingly hit him in his pride. Because of his position in the industry, he felt the need to whip it out.

So I said what any good Mexican-American would say.

“Thank you! I know that you are a really important person. I also know that Decca Records rejected The Beatles. Thank God they never gave up.”

In other words, “I don’t need you! Nuevo Mariachi is going to be huge. You’re going to remember how YOU messed up!”

That’s why I love my first hater. I’m more convinced now to press forward.

To Watch Sabor A Mí on Facebook [Click Here]

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